Radiation Island

Every Monday host Steve Poggi and co-host Ron Finger bring you an action packed show filled with conversations on movies, comic books, video games, and various life struggles/stories. They have on guests from various backgrounds. People share intense stories that changed their lives every week. Once recorded on the streets of San Francisco, and now Relocated to St. Louis, MO. Oh, and their is a hyper aggressive artificial intelligence named Lord Akron that is actively trying to end the human race..... He's kinda like a host?
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Jun 27, 2016
Episode 015 - Faces of Death

Lord Acron has evolved after his Acid Trip dawning a new voice. This weeks guest/stories included

Christopher Conaster: Almost had his family drowned in a vehicle.

Timothy Pizza: Finds dead bodies two separate times.

Ethan Albers: Breaks his foot on a Bus

Zach O'Wiseman: Was a student during a school shooting in Alaska. 

Owen Morris: Active Duty Combat

Andy Garcia: Out wits an undercover drug bust

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Jun 20, 2016
Episode 014 - Lord of the Cid

The supreme intelligence Lord Acron is given several doses of LSD. Things get strange but luckily Zach O Wiseman, Timothy Pizza, Alyssa Westerlund, and Jackson McBrayer are there to sort it out.

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Jun 13, 2016

On this weeks installment of Radiation Island, Lord Acron sends his meat puppets (Christopher Conaster & Steve Poggi) to gather info on a burning question: Does Masturbation Increase Bad Luck? The team hits the streets starting with Will DaBeast and Ethan Albers, and a whole whirl wind of guest come in. Alejandro Ochoa aka Dro Knows embraces the question,and then with a side step double jab he renounces Math. Jeremy Talamantes learns how to keep air traffic moving. Karim Harmanci spits a little fuel on the fire. Gay Richard, Tony Sparks, and Ashton Tate blast out whats cooking in their minds. San Francisco's most handsome comedian Joey Avery swings in like a storm born champion laying waste to invalid points, and brings out the whole bag of fun. Blake Jones drops some knowledge. Just when you thought it was at peak funny/thought provoking, Andy Garcia drops a nuclear punchline that was clearly the best joke of the cast. 


*whew* Thats a lot of cast!

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Jun 5, 2016
Episode 012 - Jerry Files

This weeks episode goes into the dark mysterious world of all that is Jerry. Ethan Albers makes a guest appearance to drop some serious knowledge about Jerry. Beware of Jerry, Roommate or otherwise!

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